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U. S. Capitol Building - Washington DCWashington DC hotel reservations begin here. The Beaches & Towns Network is the traveler’s source (online since ’99) for discounted hotel rates in Washington, DC; Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia; and Maryland. This travel guide has been designed by insiders to help our readers find the perfect things to do and the best places to stay. If you’re on a budget, traveling with your family on vacation, or visiting the Di strict of Columbia on business, you are starting at the right place. Need a bit of information on what to do while you’re in Washington, DC? Our “things to do” pages will help you get the most from your visit to our Nation’s Capital.  Check out the best hotel deal and reviews at Bookable.com.

Washington Viewpoints and Articles

DC Fast FactsWashington Fast Facts What’s the best time of year to visit our Nation’s Capital. These Fast Facts will give you an idea of when to visit Washington, what to wear when you get there and how to get around the District. A few “day trips” are also suggested in case you are staying in the area for a while. Hotels in WashingtonHotels Page So, how do you choose a hotel when visiting for the first time? Let other travellers help you. This page features popular hotel suggestions, based upon the booking histories of thousands of travelers. Several sections of the Capital area are presented with hotel choices.
Taking Pictures in DCTen Tips To Take On DC Inexpensively Don’t want to spend too much on your trip to DC? Here are some great ideas to help keep your Washington trip in the affordable range. National Zoo in WashingtonTop Ten “Toddler-to-Teen” Hot Spots Need to keep the kids happy — so you can maintain your sanity? Here are some of the attractions that are “kid friendly.”
Jefferson MemorialA Dozen Free Things To Do In DC Washington DC is rich with history and attractions to entice people of all ages and the best part about these attractions is that most of them are free! Caapitol Dome at NightA Baker’s Dozen More Free Things To Do In DC Great for Rainy Days Too! Here are some of the more popular free activities for DC tourists that happen to be inside and great for a rainy day.
Quick Tips:

  1. White House Line DrawingIf you dislike crowds don’t visit Washington D.C. during the summer; fall just might be your best bet — without it being too cold.
  2. Always make lodging reservations in advance; and if you are looking to go to a nice restaurant, make dinner reservations in advance as well.
  3. Flying into the area by way of Baltimore-Washington International Airport or Dulles International? A cab will run you about $50. Try an express bus which comes by every half-hour and runs about $20 or so for a one way trip.

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